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Letter from the President

Sunapee Harbor Riverway Shareholder:

The Sunapee Harbor Riverway Corporation (SHRC), as part of its mission to revitalize and enrich our harbor for generations to come,  purchased the Harbor House Livery on Main Street from the town to facilitate a plan for restoration of the building and the establishment of year round activities centered on music, art, and community.

Our most recent Town Master Plan, the NH Planning Charrette of 2007, and the Sunapee 2020 Community Forum in 2012, recognized the importance of putting the Livery to use as a year round anchor for business and community activities.

Toward that end, after careful consideration and agreement on our mutual goals to enrich our harbor life, the SHRC board entered into a lease agreement with a newly established nonprofit organization, the Sunapee Heritage Alliance.

Sunapee Heritage Alliance’s (SHA) lease of the Harbor House Livery, for the next 5 years and possibly beyond, is an exciting step forward for our entire community—a step supported by our SHRC board.

The newly established SHA Board of Directors is raising awareness and funds for the project while it works with townspeople, advisors, and supporters to create a business plan focused on bringing the right mix of for-profit and non-profit activity to the Livery. As a Riverway shareholder, your involvement is a valued resource as we work together toward a vision that cements our previous work and furthers our mission to “preserve and enhance our lakeside village”.

Our Sunapee Harbor Riverway Corporation board endorses SHA’s efforts and hopes you will consider supporting the project through the many ways possible, including donations, sharing your time, and your valuable ideas.  

For more information, you may visit SHA’s new website where you’ll find information about its mission, as well as contact information and FAQs. Be sure to add your name to their E-mail list to receive notice of meetings, events and newsletters.

You are invited to view Sunapee Heritage Alliance’s new website www.sunapeeheritage.org  and learn about its mission.

You will be kept posted as events progress this year. Sunapee Heritage Alliance will present an update at the annual SHRC meeting in August.

This is an exciting and long awaited project and with your help we are sure it will be the success we need to help our beloved Harbor village reach its potential.

Many Thanks for your help

Jolyon Johnson                                                                                                               
Sunapee Harbor Riverway Corporation  


P.S.  I’m informed by SHA’s board that the organization welcomes early donations for operations of the Livery during the planning and pre-capital campaign process.  Donations are tax deductible and should be mailed to:  Sunapee Heritage Alliance, P.O. Box 411, Georges Mills, NH 03761